Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market

Sifting Through the Real and Imagined Value for Healthcare

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360° Research Overview

This Frost & Sullivan research titled Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market outlines existing revenue streams for videoconferencing in telehealth and telemedicine, presents complex competitive ecosystems, and forecasts the future of the market. In-depth analysis of videoconferencing endpoints, which continue to drive growth, is included. Other revenue-producing segments in the forecast include carts, telemedicine-specific software, infrastructure services, and video telemedicine services.

This analysis is available through our Connected Health Growth Partnership Services program. With continuous access to intelligence and resources from all seven perspectives of the Complex Business Universe, the Growth Partnership Services program ensures that you and your Growth Team™ are able to maintain a 360 Degree Perspective of the market. This comprehensive, objective information allows your company to mitigate risk, identify new opportunities, and drive effective strategies for growth.

Market Overview

Growing Number of Users and Endpoints Drives Video Telemedicine Market

As videoconferencing in healthcare sees a dramatic rise and evolves into a distinct market, clearer needs and revenue opportunities are emerging. Healthcare providers see videoconferencing as an innovative way to meet their patients’ health needs. These services are already changing the way healthcare is provided by bringing much needed specialists to underserved hospitals, enabling visitations to patients in remote regions, or giving patients a more convenient visitation venue.

Through cross industry collaboration, participants in the video telemedicine market are learning how to provide the most value for their customers, while overcoming many of the complex hurdles that come with involvement in a new industry vertical. “By strategic partnerships and industry collaboration, companies can play to their core strengths,” says the analyst of the study. “This allows video offerings to reach new levels of reliability and functionality in the healthcare environment.” As the adoption and acceptance of video telemedicine continues to grow, there will be growth in supporting segments such as infrastructure and telemedicine carts.

The high-tier endpoints segment is maturing so the greatest contributor to new market growth will be in low-tier endpoints as these highly malleable, scalable solutions offer a wealth of new applications for videoconferencing in the telemedicine environment. Within the telehealth specific infrastructure segment, hosted services-as-a-service (such as hosted cloud services) are offering healthcare providers novel options for their videoconferencing demands, creating new opportunities for growth.

Table of Contents

      1. Title, Research Team, and Contents

  Executive Summary
      1. Total Executive Summary
      2. Executive Summary—Video Telehealth and the Telehealth Industry
      3. Executive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements
      4. Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective

  Market Overview
      1. Market Overview—Definitions
      2. Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer
      3. Market Overview—Introduction
      4. Market Overview—Segmentation
      5. Further Segment Briefs and Background Information
      6. Selected Product Listing
      7. Market Overview—Video Telemedicine Applications

   External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
      1. Drivers and Restraints
      2. Drivers Explained
      3. Restraints Explained
      4. Other General Market Trends
      5. Related Major Healthcare Trends
      6. Related Major Information Communication Technology (ICT) Trends

  Video Telemedicine and Telehealth: A Telehealth Matrix Discussion
      1. The Frost & Sullivan Telehealth Matrix
      2. Telehealth Matrix—Description
      3. Telehealth Matrix—Telehealth Markets and Video Telemedicine

  Forecasts and Trends
      1. Measurements
      2. Forecasts and Trends—Forecast Definitions
      3. Total Video Telemedicine Market—Revenue Forecast
      4. Revenue Forecast Discussion
      5. Unit Forecast Discussion
      6. Pricing Trends and Forecast Discussion
      7. Total Video Telemedicine Market—Revenue Forecast by Vertical Market
      8. Vertical Market Segments Briefs—Endpoints
      9. Vertical Market Segments Briefs—Carts
      10. Vertical Market Segments Briefs—Software and Hosted Infrastructure
      11. Vertical Market Segments Briefs—Services

  Demand Analysis
1. Total Video Telemedicine Market Penetration Analysis

  Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment Breakdown
      1. Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment Breakdown
      2. Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment—Market Engineering Measurements
      3. Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment—Revenue Forecast by Vertical Market
      4. Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment—Unit Forecast by Vertical Market
      5. Video Telemedicine Endpoints Segment—Pricing Trends and Forecast

  Market Share and Competitive Analysis
      1. Competitive Analysis—Market Share
      2. Competitive Environment
      3. Top Competitors
      4. Competitive Ecosystem
      5. Competitive Factors and Assessment

  The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications)
      1. The Last Word—Three Big Predictions
      2. Last Word–Discussion

     1. Methodology
      2. Additional Sources of Information on Video Telemedicine

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Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market

Videoconferencing Receives Progressively More Limelight in the Telemedicine Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Sifting through the real and imagined value for healthcare

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Aug. 7, 2012 – Videoconferencing is an important component to any business industry, and healthcare is no exception. Outside of more traditional business applications for videoconferencing in healthcare, there has been significant growth in the utilization of videoconferencing to actually provide healthcare services from providers to patients, commonly called video telemedicine.  These services are already changing the way healthcare is provided by bringing much needed specialists to underserved hospitals, enabling visitations to patients in remote regions, or giving patients a more convenient visitation venue.  

New research from Frost & Sullivan’s Connected Health practice (, Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market, finds that with the growing number of actual healthcare services provided through videoconferencing technology, the opportunities for healthcare has evolved into its own distinct market space rather than just another vertical for videoconferencing providers.  This has created a unique set of challenges for both healthcare and videoconferencing participants around areas such as payment, infrastructure and licensing, as well as regulatory and privacy issues.

If you are interested in more information on this research, please send an email to Britni Myers, Corporate Communications, at, with your full name, company name, job title, telephone number, company email address, company Web site, city, state and country.

“While there are payment options concerning reimbursement for video telemedicine encounters, it still remains not very well understood by many,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst Zachary Bujnoch. “Compounded with the complexities that vary from state to state in the U.S., billing still remains the most significant hurdle for new video telemedicine users.”

This intimate use of videoconferencing in healthcare delivery has created a distinct set of needs and revenue opportunities that, in turn, require a significant level of expertise.  Through cross industry collaboration, participants are learning how to provide the most value for their customers, while overcoming many of the complex new hurdles that come with involvement in a new industry vertical.  

“By strategic partnerships and industry collaboration, companies can play to their core strengths,” said Bujnoch.  “This allows video offerings to reach new levels of reliability and functionality in the healthcare environment.”

The Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market research includes:  

  • Market revenues for the total video telemedicine market, including telemedicine endpoints from 2010 projected through 2016
  • A breakdown of dynamic trends in the U.S. video telehealth market such as drivers and restraints, market participant ecosystems, and future predictions
  • Unit shipments and average selling prices from 2010 to 2016
  • Estimates of total market penetration rates as well as industry potential
  • Analysis of key competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Overall telehealth discussion utilizing the Frost & Sullivan Telehealth Matrix
  • Insight into the supporting segments of telemedicine carts, software and hosted infrastructure, including services

This syndicated research is part of the overall Frost & Sullivan Connected Health program, which helps companies better understand buyer-seller dynamics as the healthcare system transitions into the digital information age. Our research and insights help companies make informed strategic decisions regarding how best to navigate these complex markets and industry trends. We support varied needs, from syndicated research to proprietary strategic engagements, marketing solutions, and whitepapers, all leveraging the global reach of our firm to propel business forward.  Additionally, all research services included in subscriptions provide detailed market opportunities and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants. 

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Analysis of the Video Telemedicine Market


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